Why Gay Singles Are Ditching Apps For Personal Matchmakers

For many of our clients, that first call to Gay Relationships symbolises a new beginning. Tired of apps such as Grindr and Tinder leading to little more than a brief connection with a photo shopped stranger, gay singles are ditching apps for Personal Matchmakers. Our clients are making their emotional and sexual satisfaction a priority, sometimes for the first time in their lives. It’s an exciting journey that begins with the realisation that every individual deserves a strong, loving and transformational relationship. Swiping on apps has become something people do with little genuine intention. Mostly, users find themselves subconsciously driven by lust – dismissing possible matches within seconds on the basis of visual attraction. Within this fast and furious visual arena, there’s no space for essential content about who a person really is. However, it’s within this detail that a Personal Matchmaker finds the glorious elements that could interweave two people together so beautifully. For those who have become accustomed to the anonymity of online dating and apps, the challenge of embracing an authentic, honest relationship is a real one. Interviewed recently for Out magazine https://www.out.com/ Dustin Lance Black shares his emotions during the early days of dating his now fiancé, British Olympian, Tom Daley – “I’ve had long-term relationships before in my life, and I came into this with a bit more baggage, some hurt. I slowly started to let myself fall in love, but it was a process.” Both Dustin and Tom instinctively felt that their shared values and ability to discuss the things that really mattered to them signaled a strong connection. They also recognised the beauty of being part of a society that respects an individual's human need for love – on his or her own terms: “To discover who you are, and to start to fall in love, and your first thought is not, ‘I could be imprisoned or be forced to undergo electro-shock therapy,’ but you start thinking about your wedding cake, and who you’re going to invite to the ceremony…It’s a huge change in LGBT culture, and it’s got to be lifesaving.” Dustin explains. At Gay Relationships we feel privileged to be able to take the time to get to know and understand each of our clients, celebrating the finer details that make each individual unique. Our culture is one of honesty, integrity and respect. The search for the relationship you deserve no longer needs to be a secretive, de-motivating process. Gay singles are ditching apps for Personal Matchmakers because it no longer feels okay to judge others so superficially. It's time to celebrate the unique characteristics that make human beings so beautifully complex and compelling. For more information about how our Personal Matchmakers can work with you to find the relationship you deserve, call us for an informal chat on 0800 644 4150.