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If you’re interested in a long term same sex relationship then the very first step is a no obligation phone call to one of our Membership Advisers Gina and Alex. Your membership of Gay Relationships is different from every other Gay dating service that we know, the difference being that all of our members have been personally interviewed and carefully vetted by our matchmaking team and all are committed to finding a safe, long term, same sex relationship away from the internet or dating apps. With a partner that wants to find true love just like you do. But in a private and totally confidential manner.

Meet The Team

Our Membership Advisers

Gina Rowcliffe
Membership Adviser

Based in the North West near Blackpool and has worked in the entertainment industry for most of her career, she joined our team in early 2019 and has become a very successful adviser.

Gina is happy to talk things through patiently, courteously and politely, as we understand your concerns and that you will have questions when using a personal matchmaking company for the first time. It is very different from meeting someone via online dating or on an app. It is a service that is very personal and tailored for each individual client, working with an experienced and highly trained personal matchmaker for a full year or more. As a consequence we have achieved some remarkable results and successes for both men and women. Gina can talk you through this, so why not call to speak to her straight away on 0800 644 4150?

Jack Ewins
Membership Adviser

Gay Relationships is thrilled to welcome Jack as a our newest Membership Adviser. He is passionate about matchmaking and is here to help all of our members find the partner you are looking for.

Having spent a number of years in the glorious Australian city of Brisbane, working for a law firm, Jack is now happily settled back in the UK and loving being part of the dating industry. He particularly values the professionalism and confidentiality of Personal Matchmaking and offers a wealth of knowledge to our members.

Why not give us a call to speak to Jack personally on 0800 644 4150?

Alex Rollisson
Membership Adviser

Based in the Midlands near to Birmingham. Alex has worked with our team for 6 years now and has gained experience in roles such as specialist headhunter, and is now our top Membership Adviser.

Alex is very caring and understands that some potential clients may well be exploring the Gay Scene for the first time, she is also totally discreet and knows the value of confidentiality. She is also passionate about dating safely and champions the cause of traditional face to face dating, where time has been invested to carefully vet clients and personally interview them all. Which is a far cry from meeting strangers on the internet. Why not give us a call to speak to Alex personally on 0800 644 4150?

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Join as a respondent member for FREE! You upload your profile (it must be complete) and photographs and we will happy to match you on a complimentary basis on occasions. This would be if you would be a suitable match for one of our full members. Please note your profile and photographs will remain totally private and will never appear on an online site or dating app or shared with any other organisation. Whilst we not be actively searching for you, we will offer discreet handpicked matches if our Matchmakers feel you are a good potential match for one of our paying members. This is a genuine and professional offer from a well established and trustworthy dating company, if you’re finding that meeting people online or through apps is not for you.