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Are you looking gay personal introductions and matchmaking? Gay Relationships Wales is one of the premier gay dating agencies in the UK. As part of the Dating Options Group we have been bringing people together under some of our longer term brands such as Avenues Dating, Searchmate and Attractive Partners since the mid 1990’s. Success stories are what we specialise in and we have had literally thousands of successes and whilst same sex matching is relatively new to us we are using the same matchmaking team and leading edge technology as we have done down the years.

Gay Relationships UK

We cover the whole of the UK, from Scotland, Wales and down to the southern coast of England. So Scotland, Wales and the 9 Official Regions of England. We operate comprehensively in Wales and have many members in our database that are located in this region. We can offer you a comprehensive matchmaking service in the following areas:

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You may be wondering why you should pick us and the facts are that we go through many steps to ensure that all of our members are receiving the most comprehensive service possible. At Gay Relationships all members are personally interviewed, ID checked and vetted to ensure they are who they say they are. Our questionnaire is completed face to face in the privacy of your home and is one of the most in depth in the dating industry. With Gay Relationships you will find a service that is matched by no other. If you are ready to find your ideal partner then you can ring us for free on Freephone. 0800 644 4150. at any time 9.00am. to 9.00pm. Monday. to Friday. or 10.00am. until 6pm. Saturdays. Sundays. and Bank Holidays. Our service is totally discreet and highly confidential so please feel free to get in touch with confidence.

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You upload your profile (it must be complete) and photographs and you can be matched on a complimentary basis on occasions. This would be if you would be a suitable match for one of our full members. Please note your profile and photographs will remain totally private and will never appear on an online site or dating app or be shared with any other organisation. Whilst we are not actively searching for you, we will offer discreet handpicked matches if our Matchmakers feel you are a good potential match for one of our paying members. This is a genuine and professional offer from a well established and trustworthy dating company if you’re finding that meeting people online or through apps is not for you.