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Do you feel like you deserve a partner of the highest calibre? If you do then you have come to the right place. Here at Gay Relationships Ealing we believe that all of our members deserve the best kind of partner for a relationship. In keeping with this standard we only accept the highest calibre members of society, the kind of people who are in professional careers with a good social standing. We provide a personal introductions and matchmaking service for men and women who want a long term, committed relationship with someone who is of a similar calibre. Our service tends to attract only those seeking, long term, exclusive and committed relationships or marriage, rather than those just seeking short term fun. Often these are people in professional careers. They are educated to a high standard and are often higher net worth, for whom privacy, confidentiality and the security of their data is incredibly important. Privacy, safety, and discretion are things we take very seriously for all of our members. At Gay Relationships all members are personally interviewed, ID checked and vetted to ensure they are who they say they are. Our questionnaire is completed face to face in the privacy of your home and is one of the most in depth in the dating industry. There is no online profile at all, that could be found accidentally by friends, family, work colleagues or competitors. Your data is stored securely offline and is only accessible by our Personal Matchmaking team. So if this sounds like the kind of dating experience you'd like to have then there is no harm in getting in touch with us. Our initial consultation is always free of charge and without any sort of obligation, so you can get in touch and talk to us about our services with a completely open mind.  

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You upload your profile (it must be complete) and photographs and you can be matched on a complimentary basis on occasions. This would be if you would be a suitable match for one of our full members. Please note your profile and photographs will remain totally private and will never appear on an online site or dating app or be shared with any other organisation. Whilst we are not actively searching for you, we will offer discreet handpicked matches if our Matchmakers feel you are a good potential match for one of our paying members. This is a genuine and professional offer from a well established and trustworthy dating company if you’re finding that meeting people online or through apps is not for you.